Sawdust Briquette Wood Fuel

Sawdust Briquette Wood Fuel

Sawdust Briquettes for Wood Burners & Open Fires

Halleys Burn’em Woods are wood fuel sawdust briquettes produced in the heart of Perthshire from pure Scottish sawdust.


Our sawdust briquettes are made by taking dried sawdust and exposing it to extreme pressure. That’s all! No additives, binding agents, glues or anything else.


The result is a compact, renewable energy sawdust wood briquette fuel, with a constant moisture content, which burns brightly – without sparking or spitting – while giving off an abundance of heat and leaving little ash.


Sawdust briquettes are ideal for wood burning stoves, open fires, chimeneas, fire pits and log burning central heating systems.

All of our sawdust briquette wood fuel products include free delivery*

Sawdust briquettes – the benefits…

Halleys Burn’em Woods are wood fuel sawdust briquettes produced from pure Scottish sawdust.


Briquettes are the perfect wood fuel, being clean and easy to handle and burning efficiently. Better still, they’re kind to the environment, so they have a lot of plus points.


  • Constant moisture content (logs vary between 20% and 55%)
  • Clean to handle outside and inside the house.
  • None of the bugs and beasties that you get with logs.
  • Little ash for minimal maintenance.
  • No sparks or spitting.
  • Heaps of flamy heat.
  • Can be transported economically UK-wide.

*Delivery is free to most areas in the UK, exclusions apply, please check whan ordering your product for delivery costs.

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