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Oat Straw Blox

Palatable, Low-calorie Feed Bulker

Do you struggle to keep the weight off your horse or pony? Have you been searching high and low for a palatable horse feed that is high in fibre and low in calories?  Look no further!


Halley’s Oat Straw Blox helps you keep your horse’s digestive system in good order.  The low nutritional value of Oat Straw Blox means that you can mix it into your horse’s feed, bulking out even the most meagre rations, so they take longer to eat and keep horses and ponies feeling contentedly full without gaining weight.


Benefits of Oat Straw Blox:


  • Dried and dust extracted
  • No molasses or any other additive – just pure, chopped oat straw
  • 12kg bags – easy to handle
  • Low nutritional value
  • Makes feeds last longer, thus alleviating boredom
  • Acknowledged as one of the more palatable straw products


In all our feeds, we strive to keep the natural sugar content as low as possible, and we do not add molasses to ANY of our feeds.

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Palatable, Low-calorie Feed Bulker

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