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Healthy Boredom Breakers For Hens

Halley’s Hen Blox are an innovative way of keeping your chickens healthy and happy. Each 1.25kg Hen Blox is packed full of feedstuffs that promote poultry health: alfalfa (Lucerne), wheat, split maize, oyster shell grit and flint grit.


Nutritious distractor for chickens to help prevent feather pecking.


Hens love to peck – which is, of course, fine as long as they’re not pecking each other! The problem is that when hens get bored, pecking each other is precisely what they often do. So how can you, as a caring flock owner, deter your chickens from this antisocial habit? Simple! By giving them something much more interesting to peck at …


Benefits of Hen Blox

Halley’s Hen Blox are extremely popular with flock owners and their birds – and here’s why:


  • Boredom breaker and hen feed in one handy block
  • Ad lib feeding helps deter feather/vent pecking in flocks
  • Order and pay online for delivery to your door
  • Convenient to handle
  • Compact to store


Halley’s Hen Blox – the chicken feed that sustains and entertains!

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