Ad Lib® Equine Feed

Ad Lib® Blox & Chop

Ideal for Good Doers and Laminitics

A few years ago, we had a serious weight problem – or, to be more precise, our Welsh ponies had a serious weight problem! What we needed was a high fibre feed that they could eat ad lib without putting weight on – a palatable feed, but with a low nutritional value.


To help alleviate this problem, we experimented with various blends of non-heating feedstuffs until we found a winning formula: a fusion comprising 50% our home-grown alfalfa and 50% dust-extracted oat straw, purchased from the farm next door.


In all our animal feeds, we strive to keep the natural sugar content as low as possible – and we do not add molasses to ANY of our feeds.

The low nutritional value of Ad Lib® Blox & Chop makes it ideal for good doers and laminitis sufferers.

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