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48 Cartons Hen Blox - £19.00 per box

48 Cartons Hen Blox - £19.00 per box
Brand: Halley's Feeds
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Hen Blox - £19.00 per box.

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Halley’s Hen Blox boredom breakers – the new chicken feed on the block

Packed with goodness, our Hen Blox offer outstanding nutritional value, blending dried alfalfa (healthy green stuff which hens love, and which makes their egg yolks really yellow) with wheat, split maize, oyster shell grit and flint grit to create a first-class chicken feed.

As if all that weren’t enough, these handy Blox will keep your chickens’ beaks busy for longer, which means they’re less likely to peck their fellow fowl. They also encourage hens to eat the flint and oyster shell grit that helps them thrive.

Feed hoppers for the Blox can also be purchased online to protect the Blox from external contamination, just add to the cart as an option.

Pack Size 48 cartons each containing 10 x 1.25kg BLOX. Net weight 12.5kg per carton 600kg per consignment.
Product Information Each BLOX consists of Wheat, Split Maize, Oystershell Grit, Flint Grit, Alfalfa (Lucerne) pressed into 1.25kg block.

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