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Blox Trial Packs

BLOX Trial Packs

Our BLOX Trial Packs consist of 2 x 12kg bags of BLOX. These will allow you and your horse to sample our products without having to commit to a consignment of 4 bags. When you have decided, or rather your horse has decided, you can then order larger quantities of our BLOX safe in the knowledge that your equine will be familiar with them and be looking forward to their high fibre, unmolassed, natural taste.

BLOX Trial Packs are available in the following mix of products:

AdLib® Blox and Big Fibre Blox

Big Fibre Blox and Timothy Hay Blox

JustGrass Blox and AlfaGrass Blox

Greengold® Blox and AlfaGrass Blox

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AdLib® & Big Fibre® - Blox Trial Pack
AdLib® Blox & Big Fibre® Blox - Trial Pack £25.96 per order, including delivery&n..
Big Fibre®  & Timothy Hay - Blox Trial Pack
Big Fibre® Blox & Timothy Hay Blox - Trial Pack £25.96 per order, i..
GreenGold® & AlfaGrass - Blox Trial Pack
GreenGold® Blox & AlfaGrass Blox - Trial Pack £26.96 per order, including delivery..
JustGrass & AlfaGrass - Blox Trial Pack
JustGrass Blox & AlfaGrass Blox - Trial Pack £24.46 per order, including delivery t..
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