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GreenGold ® Blox

GREENGOLD ® High fibre Alfalfa Blox - to help maintain condition

Our top-quality high fibre Greengold® Alfalfa Blox combine the outstanding nutritional properties of alfalfa (also known as Lucerne) with unrivalled handling convenience. All Halley’s Scottish alfalfa is dried and pressed fresh from the field, which is why our blox retain their great taste - not to mention their gorgeous green colour.

Here are just a few of the many other things our Greengold® Alfalfa Blox have going for them:

• Unmolassed
• High in fibre
• Low sugar content
• Non-heating
• Suitable for laminitics
• Extremely palatable - tempting for poorly or picky ponies and horses
• Can be fed as a block or soaked in a bucket and fed as chop

Each dust-extracted block weighs in at a handy 1 kg, so you know exactly how much you are feeding your horse or pony - without the hassle of using scales! Blox are ultra-compact, and come in easy-to-carry 12 kg bags, making them ideal for transporting around the yard, and in the box to shows and events.

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GreenGold ® Blox - £13.98 per bag
GreenGold® Blox - £13.98 per bag. Minimum Cart Qty 2 bags - free delivery to..
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GreenGold® & AlfaGrass - Blox Trial Pack
GreenGold® Blox & AlfaGrass Blox - Trial Pack £26.96 per order, including delivery..
GreenGold ® Blox - £8.50 per bag x40
GreenGold® Blox - £8.50 per bag. Minimum Cart Qty 1 = 40 bags, £340.00 per order incl..
GreenGold ® Blox - £8.00 per bag x80
GreenGold® Blox - £8.00 per bag. Minimum Cart Qty 1 = 80 bags, £640.00 per order incl..
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